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2018 Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) Sponsor Breakout Meetings

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Cash Centers: Entering New Dimensions

Operation of modern cash centers is based on reliable systems and optimized workflows. Smart automation, standardization and digitalization induce increased efficiency throughout the cash cycle. This leads to new opportunities but also raises new challenges. What is the future of the commercial cash center?

Explore the “Soft” Side of Cash Center Automation

Is the banknote the only piece of paper in your cash operations …? What would paperless, software-based operations imply for your efficiency, security and control? Why is it so difficult to attain? And once you are connected: how to guarantee cyber security? Not for the fainthearted: expect a live demonstration of a virus attack! We discuss the subtle but very important role played by software and IT-security in the modernization of cash center operations. 

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The Future of Service - What Good Looks Like in the Modern World 

Our Global Benchmarking Study on machine performance shows that preventative maintenance and regular servicing is the key to maximise the lifetime of a sorting machine, as well as to maintain high levels of productivity and accuracy throughout its life. Service and support is at the heart of our customer partnerships. This session will present the CPS philosophy on service and what we think good service looks like in the future, exploring new ways of providing service & support to our customers in the modern world. 

Turning Data into Information: An Independent Approach to Data Analysis 

In cash processing, data is gathered everywhere, from sorting machines to vault management software and even in the sorter servicing and maintenance process. During this session we will investigate how, through open architecture allowing optimum data collection and the use of Business Intelligence tools, you can maximise productivity, increase efficiency and maximise your investment. 

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How to Boost Efficiency in ATM Cash Management: With Automated Reconciliation

Apart from minimizing transport and cash processing costs, reducing machine downtime and automating incident management, there are still huge potentials for increasing efficiency in the ATM cash management workflow.

With an automated account and cash reconciliation, time-consuming procedures may be minimized, costs may be significantly reduced and errors avoided.

In this Breakout Meeting, Sautner & Partner will present a case study on how automated reconciliation could optimize work procedures, relieve workload and make ATM cash management easier, cheaper and more efficient while raising job satisfaction of employees.

Cash360™ - A Complete Solution for a Retailer’s Cash Cycle Needs

A major challenge faced by retailers is how they can ensure the cash cycle is as efficient and effective as possible, including cash received from customers being deposited safely and efficiently into their bank accounts. G4S has developed a cash solution in its CASH360™ offering, which includes a portfolio of products that will be designed to specifically meet the needs of the individual retailer. It is an innovative, integrated end-to-end cash management system that controls every stage of the cash cycle from collections, processing, cash supply, recycling and automated cash depositing into the client’s bank account. We are looking forward to presenting this leading edge offering to you.

Turning Cash into Digital Information

In the digital age more companies are tracking the movement of all assets. Cash is the most tempting asset and it therefore makes sense to turn all information concerning cash into digital information. By digitizing the cash information it can be tracked through the entire processing chain, beginning with the clerk that collects the money from the retail patron, all the way to the cash safely being deposited in the bank vault. Digitizing cash movement assures easy tracking, tracing and security, from end to end. Learn how leading companies are digitizing cash.