Planned Presentations

Plenary Themes 

Cash 20/20: The Latest innovations in Cash Cycle Models and Future Optimisation 

Presenters will examine the current and future outlook of cash models taking into account the rapid change in the payments landscape.

While cash continues to grow, this growth rate is slowing – so how does the industry adapt to the new environment in the coming years? Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from different case studies and to compare their views and preparedness with consideration to future optimisation. 

Cash 20/20: Cash Management, Distribution, Cost and Security

How can the industry improve in these four areas and benefit from the latest technologies and innovations? 

Currency handling is expensive and cash is sometimes considered a “necessary evil” by commercial organisations. Presenters from the commercial sector will share their ideas on streamlining operations to improve cost efficiency and effectiveness. 

Cash 20/20: Consumer Experience and Customer Payment Behaviour in the Future 

What is consumer behaviour now and what will it be in an even more digitalised future world? How do organisations increase their level of readiness to face this transformation?

We will hear views from the commercial and retail sectors – including suppliers – about the current state of the industry and what we might expect in future interactions with the public. Will “face-to-face” interaction still be part of transactions? Or are we facing a future when robots will communicate to consumers?

Cash 20/20: The Future of Cash, Usage and Trends 

This session, planned as a panel discussion, will focus on the destiny of cash in the near future with particular emphasis on usage and trends.   

Five to ten years ago no one could have predicted the aggressive influx of alternative payments. However, despite the growing popularity of electronic payments cash continues to grow albeit at a slower pace. So, what can we expect in the next five years? We will hear the valuable opinions of some of the industry’s leading experts. 

Cash 20/20: Cash Forecasting and Optimisation

What do future cash forecasting models look like? What does optimum stock mean for the bank and how does this relate to the overall cost of currency handling?

Having identified areas of cost and inefficiency in previous plenary sessions, presenters will inform on where and how to target investment into forecasting and optimisation to ensure the lowest possible cost of cash to organisations.  

Post Seminar Symposium

Where the Cash Cycle Begins: Currency Production and Issuance 

The symposium will focus on the latest innovations in the production of both coins and banknotes. 

Currency production has a huge impact on the cash cycle from the cost of initial production to the downstream costs associated with handling, monitoring and eventually destruction. Relevant feedback from each segment of the cash cycle contributes to effective management of the overall cost of currency. We will learn from the industry experts about their experiences and future initiatives.