Sponsoring the 2018 Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS)

Sponsorship for the 2018 Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) is now OPEN. 

We invite you to download the 2018 Europe Sponsor Prospectus. This document contains the many benefits of sponsoring as well as statistics about last years' seminar in Budapest.

You can use this document to determine which level your company would be interested in and once you have decided on your level please complete the Sponsor Enrollment Form and click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact either Mr. Tom Mitchell or Ms. Nena Vukicevic for more information.

The Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) has been historically sponsored by Cash Management Companies, as well as suppliers of Currency Note Sorters/Counters/Validators, ATMs, ATM-Recyclers, Teller Cash Dispensing/Recycling Machines, Cash Management Software, Business Intelligence, Vault Management Software, Ink/Dye Staining Technology, Track and Trace Software, Vault Lock and Security Equipment, Retail Smart-safes, Coin Sorting/Dispensing Machines, Process Management, and IT & Consulting Companies to name but a few.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Qualified Market: Our unique top-quality program attracts high-level attendance from Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Retailers, Casinos, CITs, and ATM Service Providers, a valuable cross-section of the cash management ecosystem.
  • Targeted investment: Cash Cycle Seminar delegations are aimed at senior level decision makers. We believe it is better for sponsors to have fewer delegates from target companies, but to ensure that the delegates that do attend are high level and can make decisions for their organisation; on average across the last 4 CCS events 57% of delegates were Director level or higher.
  • Protected Investment: Only sponsors are allowed to exhibit at a CCS event. When you invest in our event we protect that investment by making it financially difficult for your direct competitors to attend the event without sponsoring it – meaning they are not able to obtain the benefits of the event for a substantially lower cost. We also ensure to balance the composition of our delegations to ensure that at least 50% of the attendees are end users. This means that your team are in a room full of prospective customers, not a room full of suppliers; on average across the last 4 CCS events 60% of delegates were end-users.
  • Brand Visibility: Currency Research has strong relationships and markets presence with leading industry organisations and institutions the world over – including emerging and existing markets. Sponsorship of any one of our events provides you with a global marketing presence as we provide your company information to all delegates at all of our events (which amounts to around 1,500 industry professionals in the last year alone), as well as in our electronic marketing campaigns which covers approx. 18,000 contacts held in our database.
  • Cost Reduction: Instead of expensive individual trips to see customers and contacts by your sales and marketing team, you can invite your contacts to the event at a discounted price to meet your team all in one place.
  • Valuable Networking: We schedule dedicated Exhibition Time for you to talk with your customers and prospects at your booth: the Monday Night Welcome Reception, multiple Coffee Breaks, two Luncheons, and a Tuesday Evening Reception. The event concludes with a Delegate Appreciation Dinner on Wednesday night which provides you additional time for relationship-building in a relaxed setting. Essentially the CCS is an efficient extension of your corporate hospitality – your contacts can enjoy the full event and you can remain focused on them without the distraction (or cost) of planning.
  • Presentation Opportunity: Silver level sponsors and above are eligible for at least one 45-minute Breakout Session where you can present your product/service solution or business case directly to an interested group.
  • Legitimate Programming: Currency Research enjoys a stellar reputation for providing relevant programming for all stakeholders and CR events attract a qualified audience of end users and suppliers. Simply put, the Cash Cycle Seminars are not tradeshows.

Booths and Delegates

As a Europe Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) sponsor you receive a wide range of benefits depending on the level of sponsorship you choose. The starting level is a Bronze sponsorship which gives you one exhibit booth and two delegates at no additional cost. Platinum is the highest available sponsorship level and gives you two adjacent booths with 6 delegates at no additional cost.

Breakout Sessions and General Session Presentations

Apart from the first two Platinum sponsors to enrol (who are entitled to give a General Session presentation) supplier presentations are not allowed in the General Sessions. Therefore, we offer 45 minute Breakout Sessions to sponsors starting at the Silver level. The Gold and Platinum Sponsorship includes 2 Breakout Sessions. The Breakout Sessions are dedicated slots in which the sponsor can present any topic of their choice.

As an added benefit, sponsors who procure a Bank, Retailer, or Casino customer to give an educational presentation during the General Sessions may co-present with their customer should the situation warrant such support. Please note, that all presentation requests must be approved by the seminar review committee for educational content and are subject to agenda availability.