The information below relates to the 2017 Europe Cash Cycle Seminar. More information on the 2018 event will be available soon.

The Europe Cash Cycle Seminar 2017 includes a webinar and main Panel Discussion, which builds upon a partnership with Cash Services UK. These sessions will consider how the European cash cycle could and should respond to the growth in popularity of non-cash payment options. The Pre-Seminar Webinar provided a soft introduction for the subject and set the tone for the on-site Panel Discussion that will be held on Tuesday, March 21st 2017. The great benefit of the webinar approach was that even before the session begins in Europe both panellists and delegates are informed and ready to debate, providing fertile ground for an innovative discussion and creating a positive impact on the debate.

The Panel Discussion took place on 21st March 2017. We advise you use headphones for optimal sound quality.


The Webinar was held at 11:00 GMT 23rd February 2017 

The Panel Session will ask the following questions:

  • Will cash always be central to a vibrant economy?
  • Do consumers only want digital innovation?
  • What are the strategies we need to develop to keep the cash cycle efficient?
  • Should the cash industry counteract the growth of digital payments?


David FaglemanDavid Fagleman
Policy and Research Manager
Cash Services UK

David joined Cash Services in 2015 and is responsible for delivering a programme of research exploring cash use in the UK. He also facilitates discussions across the payments industry (in the UK and abroad) on the future role of the cash payments landscape. David previously worked for the Westminster-based think tank ResPublica, where he delivered projects and authored policy-focused research reports on financial reform and housing. He has also worked for the innovation foundation Nesta and a Member of the UK Parliament.

Mark TrevorMark Trevor
Commercial Director

Mark Trevor has spent five years as the Commercial Director at Vaultex where he has been at the heart of transforming the business from pure cash processing to a cash management company. Significant achievements include winning large-scale commercial bank-managed service contracts where Vaultex acts as prime contractor. The contracts have included building an innovative web-based, customer portal and establishing a cash management consultancy capability that supports central and commercial banks, as well as retailers, in optimising their cash supply chains. He is also a non-Executive Director of Vaultex Isle of Man.

Prior to Vaultex, Mark has had extensive experience in a number of senior commercial and operational roles within large international businesses, including Arthur J Gallagher International and Hiscox plc. His early career was spent in leadership roles within the Royal Navy. Outside work, Mark is kept busy by his wife and 3 teenage children. His interests include road cycling, marathon running and a misguided loyalty to Arsenal Football Club. He has been closely involved with fund raising for two UK charities - NSPCC and Brainwave.

Steve TurnerSteve Turner
Smart Technology Solutions Limited (STS)

Steve Turner is widely known in the payments industry as "Mr Chip and PIN". Steve has worked in the payments industry since 1991 and founded Smart Technology Solutions Limited (STS) in 1997 to pioneer the implementation of EMV card payment systems in cross-platform Java software. He believed this would speed up the roll-out of Chip and PIN worldwide and, having developed STS' flagship product Emvelink, it was very gratifying for STS to receive Visa's EU and CEMEA Chip Vendor of the Year Award in 2002 in direct recognition of that potential. Steve has worked closely with the banks and standards bodies such as EMVCo, pioneering the process for simplifying the approval of software based components.

With the success of SmartNS and Emvelink throughout the UK and rolling out worldwide, Steve now leads STS in taking secure card payments into the cloud with the G8 as a client application for true global payments. Our latest product is PayOp, payments operations software to ensure payments systems just keep running.

Steve graduated from Cambridge University with an MA in Electrical Sciences and went on from there to work for MEL, a military division of Philips Electronics for a number of years before joining the Logic Group. He is both a Chartered Engineer (C Eng) and a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET).

Cash Services acts as a focal point for the provision of strategic direction on co-operative (non-commercial) issues for cash in the UK. Its overall aim is to ensure that cash can circulate efficiently and effectively, and risks in the cash cycle are managed to this end. For more information on please visit cashservices.org.uk.